Sales Team

Enable Your Sales Team

Most sales organizations do not provide their reps with an easy-to-use ROI / TCO calculator.

Sitting down with your prospect and building the business case together can be one of the most valuable meetings you can have with a prospect. It gives you the forum to discuss money, introduce pricing and figure out what is and what is not imporant to the decision maker.

Unfortunately, these meetings rarely take place because your sales reps do not like or have the confidence in their current tool.

Providing your champion with a rock solid and easy to understand ROI analysis will not only make their life easier, but will enable them to sell the project internally. After all, in most cases it will be left up to them to present your business case and justify your cost to the decision maker. If you are only arming them with a complex and confusing excel spreadsheet, what chances to do they really have in pushing the project through?

Our unique value selling tool will:

  • Clearly and effectively convey your value proposition
  • Provide your champion with a tool that will help them sell the project internally
  • Help determine which opportunities are truly interested (IP tracking capabilities)
  • Identify important areas of focus for future presentations
  • Separate your company from the competition